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EVO-B2 - bluetooth adapter

Size: 2.8mm / 11.7mm / 13.5mm

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This bluetooth adapter was designed to work with the

MCR-EVO and MCR-EVO-K devices.

It can be attached to one of this devices so the comunnication with the device can be done wireless.

With the EVO-B2 bluetooth adapter, you can download, erase, setup de device, change the bluetooth name etc., all from a distance, either from an Android phone with our Android apk, either from a windows computer with a bluetooth, via our MCR-Evolution Software.


EVO-B2 sizes

2.8mm - THIN 11.7mm - WIDTH 13.5mm - LENGTH

Power consumption with the Bluetooth turned ON all the time: 4mAh/h

test 1 - 15mAh bat + 5,000swipes / test 2 - 9mAh bat + 2,000 swipes / test 3 - 4mAh bat + 900 swipes

3.45hrs 2.30hrs 1hrs

The Bluetooth can be controlled for how long to be ON (when consumes 4mAh/h) and OFF (when will consume 0.13mAh/h) so it will save a lot of power.

For example, the bluetooth can be set to ON for 10 minutes and OFF for 2 hours, and will turn on automatically for 10 minutes in which time the connection to the device can be made so the files can be downloaded, erased, made another settings etc., and sleep for another 2 hours in which time the device will work as normal but only the connection to it cannot be made. This cycle will repeat until the device is turned OFF or another setting is made. Please read the User Manual for more info.

Bluetooth range:

Field (with no interference - Ideal conditions)


  City (with buildings interference)


The EVO-B2 bluetooth addapter can be attached to either of the

First the EVO-EZ adapter is attached
EVO-K adapter
Than the EVO-B2 bluetooth is just clicked in
EVO-B2 profile
EVO-B2 Connection 1 Model

EVO-EZ battery connection diagram

EVO-EZ battery connection diagram

The EVO-B2 bluetooth can be soldered directlty on any of the MCR-EVO or MCR-EVO-K devices without the EVO-EZ

EVO-B2 Connection 2 Model

Important: In order for the EVO-B2 to work, an update for the devices has to be made as follows:

MCR-EVO to be updated to version 1.9


MCR-EVO-K to be updated to version 2.12 or later

The EVO-B2 bluetooth adapter works with our

Android Apk:

MCR-EVO-Android LogoMCR-EVO PRO Android APK 1.3MCR-EVO-Android Logo

Warranty information:

This product is guaranteed to be free from defects in materials and workmanship for 30 days since the date of purchase. MyCardReader.com will, without charge, repair or replace at our option, any device returned for warranty work and found to be defective by us.