Our Company

Our company has been founded in 2009 to provide high quality services and products to vendors and end users who want to test and use magnetic stripe card readers products and software.

In 2009 we have founded MagStripeCardReader.com a well known website in the magnetic stripe card readers community and in 2011 we have decided to change the website name from MagStripeCardReader.com to MyCardReader.com so it will be easier to be remembered by new customers.

We are a manufacturer which specialize in research, development, manufacturing & sales of very small portable magnetic stripe card readers.

Our professional technical staffs can design the most up-to-date magnetic card reader devices of the highest quality as customer's request.

MyCardReader.com is a trading name for BOAZ HOLDINGS LIMITED


Available on request

You can check our timeline history and see how our website looked like in the past here: