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MCR-EVO - the best magnetic stripe card readers on the market.

Why? Read below:

MCR-EVO devices are created with the latest components and latest technology available now.

The board used in the MCR-EVO devices, is the best quality that exists on the market for a 0.2mm thin board. We used the best materials available comparing with the rest of the materials used in other similar devices.

The components we used for this devices are the smallest and the best available now. This means a very very small size and faster data processing and less power consumption.

Because of this, when a swipe is made the power consumption is almost insignificant and consume same as in standby: 0.13mA/hour

The design of the MCR-EVO devices makes it a very compact device, which is more solid and harder to be damaged.

We also have put an 8Mb memory which is 4 times larger than our previous devices. This can stock 128,000 cards in the device without being forced to erase it.

On top of that, everything written in the memory is saved and checked after every swipe making sure nothing is lost or corrupted.

The firmware software is optimized so good that it has a very improved reading so no data from the card is lost. We have added extra options like "working time, even lower power consumption option, timestamp setup,  optional keys and swipes downloading files, bluetooth working ON and OFF" and so on.

We have made a smaller USB connector that replaces the old USB cables, and more than that, the new USB connecter has a battery charger incorporated.

The MCR-EVO can work from 1.8V to 5.8V and have a voltage regulator on it, that allows it to be connected even to a direct power source like an USB from a computer for example.


We've created the most user frendly computer software interface which apart from looking cool, it's very easy to use with a lot of facilities like "changing the direction of the swipe, track builder, easy settings options, different colors for the directions of the swipes, exact timestamp information" etc.


We also created a cool Android App that can be used with our MCR-EVO-K1 for connecting to the device, and also can be used for decrypting any file from any MCR-EVO devices.


We can go on, but we'll let you discover it and form your own opinion!