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MCR Evolution  PRO Tutorial


Note: If you have already installed the MCR Evolution, scroll down to the video.


How to install MCR Evolution software:

    • 1. Download the MCR Evolution software from here
    • 2. Install the program (double click on "MCR Evolution PRO Install.exe", click next, agree with our terms and conditions, choose typical install, click next until installed).
    • 3. Put in the interface received with the device. The computer will search for the driver and install it automatically. If it won't you can find the drivers here (extract the archive and double click on the apropiate ".exe" file for your windows system. Click "next" until it finishes. If one driver doesn't work try the other one.)
    • 4. Connect the MCR-EVO device to the interface.
    • 5. Ready to use



     If your Windows 10, won't allow you to install the MCR-Evolution PRO, than please click here, download the .zip file, save it somewhere on your computer (in Documents folder for example), extract it, than doubble click on the "MCR-Evolution-PRO.exe". Create a shortcut on your desktop. Enjoy our software!

     If you can not see any COM after you have installed the MCR Evolution PRO
Reason: This is because you have introduced the interface into the computer before you have installed the MCR Evolution PRO

  • Make sure you have the interface still connected to the computer.
  • Go to "device manager", click on "USB Ports" go to the "Unkown device", right click on it, click "Update driver".
  • If this doesn't work, than click "uninstall"
  • Uninstall the MCR Evolution
  • Remove the interface from the computer
  • Repeat the steps above from "How to install MCR Evolution PRO software"


How to use the MCR Evolution PRO software:

This is a video that shows how the MCR Evolution PRO can be used.

Please note that the MCR Evolution PRO  only works with the MCR-EVO devices.