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MCRSX Series are the next generation of magnetic stripe card readers.


Why MCRSX Series are better from the other magnetic stripe readers on the market:


Speed Swiping

   The magnetic stripe card readers on the market today use a microchip that basically does most of the work. That means that this microchip take the signal received through the magnetic head, interpret it with an algorithm and gives a raw data which afterwords it is processed with other algorithms (depending of each magnetic card reader producers how well they can develop it), and in the end the data is interpreted in the final stage so you, the user, can see it.

    This microchip is limited at a minimum speed of 7.65cm/s. This means that any swipe with a lower speed than that, will not be interpreted correctly and therefore not recovered.

    Also, because the primary algorithm is already in the chip, it is almost impossible to recover the data if the swipes were made in an interference field situation.


   What we did, we managed to eliminate this microchip and managed to read continuous swipes as low as 0.65cm/s which means that the MCRSX devices can read 11.7 times slower than the normal devices on the market.


Interference fields situations:

Using our highly developed algorithm, we also managed to read in some of the interference fields situations.

In both cases (slow swiping and interference fields) a very important factor is the magnetic head we used. We manage to obtain the best results with the standard magnetic heads.


Power Consumption

Apart from this improvements we also decreased the power consumption as low as 0.014mA (14uA). If you don't know what this means, you can calculate yourself how many hours the MCRSX devices will work, by using this formula:

 Divide the amperage of the battery to the consumption of the device.

For example if we have a 5mA battery (which is the smallest battery we sell), that means the devices will work for: 5mA (battery capacity) / 0.014 (MCRSX consumption) = 357 hours when in stand-by.

In our opinion this is more than enough on this battery.


Interrupted swiping:

   The interrupted swiping has been improved a LOT!

   From our tests, in 99% of the interrupted swipes we manage to recover everything.

   When an interrupted swipe is made, in the spot where the swipe was interrupted the magnetic head can't get a clear signal as before, and that's why sometimes a character or two are lost because they cannot be recovered 100%.

   Even we have replaced that microchip that basically limited us recovering more data, there are still situations that are NOT up to us. This is a limitation of the magnetic stripe technology.

   So in case only one character is missing from an interrupted swipe, we can recover it 100%   

   You can see this in the MCR Evolution tutorial video at "track builder version".

If there are two or three character missing, our algorithm can "guess" the character that might be in front or after (by case) the interrupted swipe. Our algorithm calculate the best possibilities and show them.

   With this facility we have increased the chances to recover the interrupted swipes with more than 80%.



   The MCRSX devices we've made are very very small.

   They come in 2 different shapes:

MCR-SX1: Height: 1.3mm Width: 5.7mm, Length: 16.6mm   longer but thinner

MCR-SX2: Height: 2mm    Width: 5.7mm, Length: 10.5mm   shorter but thicker


   We even managed to make holes instead of pads for the wire connection in this sizes. Now, because the devices became smaller and smaller, also the components on them are smaller, so when sold, our devices will come with some silicon glue over the components and wires in order to protect them.


In case the wires brakes on the device,


DO NOT use a big soldering gun when soldering on MCRSX devices. The components on them can be affected. USE ONLY A SOLDERING STATION (where you can adjust the temperature) AND WITH A VERY SHARP TIP.

Also we advice you to use a very good soldering paste and a solder with lead in it (NOT lead free).


Passwords and Encryption:

   The MCRSX devices are both password protected and the data on them and when downloaded is encrypted.

In order to access the device you need a password. The password is set 4321 by default. We strongly recommend our clients to change it

   When the data is downloaded from the device, in order to see it, a decryption key is required.

   This decryption key is unique for every device and cannot be changed.



   The MCRSX1 and MCRSX2 devices have enough memory to keep up to 8,000 swipes, especially if only the track 2 is used.

   We know this is less than 32,000 swipes of how much the MSCR710 can keep, but in order to increase the performance of the device we had to use some of the memory.

   Anyway, if you manage to have 8,000 swipes on your device, you can always download and save them, erase the device and you have another 8,000 available swipes.


Charging the battery:

   Unlike the MSCR Series, the MCRSX series can charge the battery while connected to the computer.

   In order to charge the battery the device has to be connected to the interface which it has to be connected to the computer, and the device has to be turned on.

   If the device is turned off, and connected to the computer, it will still work as it will take the power directly from the interface, but the battery will not charge.



Warranty information

This product is guaranteed to be free from defects in materials and workmanship for 30 days since the date of purchase. will, without charge, repair or replace at our option, any device returned for warranty work and found to be defective by us.


Our magnetic card readers are intended for legal use only. Even though our magnetic card readers can be used as a debit or credit card reader and can read any type of magnetic stripe bank cards, We will not sell them to be used for skimming as debit or credit card skimmers.

The Buyer understands that the magstripe card reader being purchase is not for illegal use. That he/she will safeguard the use and distribution of this devices and make an effort to prevent illegal use from occurring.

We are not and will not commercialise this product if we know or suspect that it will be used for unlawful purposes. Please refer to the full terms and conditions on the website.